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Dear visitant,
Please be welcome to SB Lawyers.
We are a professional young team, ready to help you solving your problems in the amazing and potential country that is Portugal. Our aim is to provide an excellent legal advice service, through which our clients can get satisfied with the solutions we purpose when comparing the time spent on it and the required fees. We are proud of being methodological, by imposing terms to complete our tasks, by fighting against the time and the terms, towards the accuracy.

Our job is specially developed among the following legal areas:

  • Contentious Law;
  • Credit recovery and Insolvency;
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Law and Negotiation
  • Labor Law
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property, Media and Advertising
  • Criminal Law
  • Particular clients: Family Law, Inheritance Law; acquisition of nationality, permanent/temporary residence to foreign citizens; translation and certification of foreign documents.

What you can expect from us is justice in the causes we represent, legal creativity and two hundred percent of dedication to our clients and our job.

Do what you know best, outsource the rest!


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SB Advogados | SB Lawyers
Address: Rua Helena Félix, 7-D, 1600-121 Lisbon
Phone: +351 21 761 32 30
Email: sb@sbadvogados.pt